Used during an eyelash extension treatment to keep an eye on the humidity and temperature of the room. If the humidity gets to high you may need to replenish your eyelash adhesive more often through out the treatment




Used to check the humidity off the room when applying eyelash extensions.

If the temperature is to warm you may find that you will have to replenish your glue more often during the treatment.

This hygrometer clearly shows you the temperature, humidity and time.

Battery operated with a stand to easily sit on sides or shelving.

Large digital display.

This product is a great addition to your beauty inventory.

Set your desired minimum/Maximum Humidity. A face will appear on the left side of the screen and will become a sad face when the humidity is to high.

World wide shipping available!

Perfect for mobile therapists, salons and spas.

UK based company, Tonbridge, Kent.

ONLY £9.99



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