*NEW* ProSpa Brow Mapping Cream 5g

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Prospa brow mapping cream:

Upgrade your Henna Brow kit with this ProSpa brow mapping cream. Helping to create the perfect crisp lines whilst performing a henna brow treatment.

The perfect product to Add to your brow collection!

This cream provides protection against Henna pigmentation applied around The brow area. Apply using a Prospa fine angled brow brush.



Prospa Brow mapping cream 5g:

Manufactured to protect the area around the eyebrows during a henna treatment.

This formula stops the henna from staining the skin where it is not intended.

You can use it via the ‘stamping’ technique using your thread to create straight lines around the eyebrows. Use a fine angled ProSpa henna brush to apply more cream.

Simply apply around your mapping technique to help create a precise defined Henna look.

This smooth, rich and creamy texture makes it easy to apply and remove.

World wide shipping available. Suitable for all skin types.

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Only £9.99


1 review for *NEW* ProSpa Brow Mapping Cream 5g

  1. Ashleigh Cookney

    This brow mapping cream makes it so much easier to create a crisp line whilst performing a henna brow treatment! fully recommend.

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